I am a folk/soul singer-songwriter in Charleston, SC, with a background in social work, missions, and ministry. I call myself an “artist of the heart” because I enjoy creating music about things that matter most in life; I write from my heart so I can connect with and possibly mold the heart of the listener.  My songs are filled with stories that inspire hope and compassion. My personal story includes struggles of a broken family that taught me to see through eyes of compassion, holding onto hope through major life transitions, and confronting injustice face-to-face.

Visit www.stefaniepotter.com for information on my music, and to get a free 5-song demo, book sample, and free creative workshops!

This blog exists to:

  • Tell stories behind the music, to inspire, equip, encourage, or challenge.
  • Share my music adventures, including updates and stories.
  • Equip you to also live as an artist of the heart: serving others well, filled with hope and compassion. [Surviving Service]
  • Inspire and equip the worshippers among us, especially the ones leading the way in music in worship.