Story behind “Home”

“Home” starts at 4:40

This song is one of the oldest songs that we still play.  It was originally a slow song.  Back in August 2015, we put on a fundraiser concert for Doors to Freedom, supporting their effort of opening a home for DMST survivors.  We felt like the message was totally appropriate for the event, but we had too many slow songs. So we worked rearranged it to be a knee-slappin’ folk song… and we’ve loved playing it ever since!  (This video is from playing it at the Chonda Pierce event.)  I’m hoping to include it on my next CD.

I wrote this song in college, back in 2007.  This was the very beginnings of my sense of “home” being redefined.  Ever since then, with each move, the feeling that no place is actually totally home has just amplified. When I visit family, I say I’m going home.  When I come back to Charleston, I say I’m going home.  At the same time, I’m leaving home both ways.  When I think of Texas, it feels a bit like home.  When I think of my husband’s family in CT, it feels a bit like home.

I wrote this song to honor my relationship with God and my family.  Back in college, I realized that I feel most at home where people know and love God and each other.  I also feel most at home around my family… wherever that is.  When you’re home, you’re free to be yourself… and that’s a beautiful thing.

When I first showed this song to (my now husband) Chris, he thought I wrote it about him.  But I wrote it before we started dating… sooo it really wasn’t about him at first. 😛 As much as we each secretly wanted it to be!  But as we opened up about our love for each other, it became about him.  So I eventually re-dedicated it to include him.  As we’ve grown united in our marriage, I can now say it is most true about him, second only to Christ. What a blessing!  Together, we are home. ❤