Bored? Need 15 people to click links and help a sister out

Hey ladies and gents,

I’ve created this “Music Artistry” teaching channel on Skillshare, and I need your help for my classes to trend!  Trending makes them easier to find by people who want to learn about what I’m teaching.  I need 10-15  people (who haven’t already enrolled) to do this for each of my new classes to trend.  My first class on Inspirational Songwriting is already trending! 🙂

It’ll be simple.

Click each of these links, then click “enroll.”  You can then take the class for free if you want.

That’s it!

Maybe give this post a like or a share to help it get out there too. 😉


If you’re interested in learning for real on Skillshare…

You can take my classes and thousands of others… Skillshare is a community of bite-sized, project-based classes meant for experiential learning for today’s busy learners. There are other classes/lessons available in cooking, crafting, organizing, digital design, music, and more! Click here to get 3 months for under $1! (Once on the website, click on the blue banner at the top.)