2016 – A Year to Celebrate!

I had a ton of music goals for 2016… and by the grace of God I met all of them!

Although 2015 was pretty sweet and surprising in a lot of ways, I’m so glad to have reached so many goals in 2016.

In 2016, I…

  • Concerts: Played 13 gigs, including a second TV spot, the Bridge Run (again), and my first online show!
  • Artist of the Heart: Re-branded with the help of my friend and logo-designer, Leah, and my hubby (aka main support system and website extraordinaire).  I am now known as what I’ve been all along, an “Artist of the Heart.” Along with that…
    • Got a sweet new banner with my logo for gigs
    • Updated all of my web presence with this concept
    • Got new merch, to help raise income for recording my next CD
      • Ordered super cozy-soft shirts with my logo
      • Made “Folk” and “Soul” versions of my logo necklaces
  • Got my Music out there! Significantly increased the reach and distribution of my Shifting Winds EP
    • Received radio play on:
      • Women of Substance (Music with a Conscience show, Inspirational Music show, Podcast)
      • Girls Rock Radio
      • Outbound Music: The Connection Radio Station
      • WYLA 97.5 Charleston
    • Accepted on Pandora Internet Radio! (8 stations, over new 200 listeners!)
    • Music made available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.
  • Took Risks: Submitted to two Songwriting contests and a few licensing opportunities… didn’t win, and some opportunities are pending, but it’s always been a goal to try! 😉
  • Taught: Created a Skillshare teaching channel to increase passive monetization between gigs… sweet outlet to share my knowledge, and raise funds to record again!
  • Promoted: Increased marketing for my book and for various songs… let’s get the message out there! 🙂

I am so grateful to every person that has supported me thus far.  I wouldn’t be where I am, making the impact that my music/message is making, without you!