This Year’s Goals: Music and Personal

I am sharing this so you can keep me accountable and ask me about it down the road.  I believe this is the year I will start (and possibly finish) my new CD!

As an “artist of the heart,” I have written a lot of heart-moving music since releasing my EP. I am sharing this music through concerts, but I want to be able to share it with current and future listeners around the globe through a professional recording.  There are powerful stories ingrained in these songs about the true meaning of love: deep, honest, committed, and sacrificial.  In a world of often cheap, conditional, and abusive love, the messages in my songs are so important for the world to take to heart.  So many songs talk of “love,” but the love my songs convey is different.  True love transforms marriages, families, friends, communities, and the world into something truly beautiful.

I want this one to be exponentially more full and creative (and hopefully longer) than Shifting Winds.  I am already making plans for different instrumentation, and trying to work on increasing the production value.

Financially, I’m about 1/8th of the way there.  I will be working hard to earn the rest of the 7/8ths the first half of this year, through teaching Skillshare classes, playing gigs, promoting my book more, and possibly exploring some other creative music income avenues.  If you’d like to help, you can:

  • Join the Skillshare learning community (for under $1 for 3 months) through my referral link.
  • Purchase my music, cozy soft shirt, handmade folk/soul necklaces, or book through my website!
  • Have your church, organization, or club book me for a show (details at the bottom of my website).
  • Hire me to write a special song in honor of a loved one or a special event (details in the merch list on my website).

And finally…

My Personal Goals:

  1. Keep growing in my trust in Jesus
  2. Serve my hubby, and the rest of my family as they have need and I am able
  3. Learn how to cook… I’m talking like building my understanding of meal creation rather than just following recipes.  Thankfully my in-laws got me some great books to get me started!

What are your goals for 2017?