Inspiring, Equipping, now Teaching!

guitar lessonsI’ve been doing all I can to earn enough through my music business to record again (hopefully later this year)… from gigs, to merchandise, to teaching on Skillshare.  Recently I added a new adventure.

I had thought back to my time in Texas when I kept getting asked to teach guitar lessons to different ladies at church, but I didn’t have the time to commit to that.  So earlier this year, I had mentioned to my friend Julie that I applied to a place to teach guitar lessons (to help fund the CD) but hadn’t heard back. She told me she had been wanting to learn guitar, so we decided to get together on that. 🙂

Then Julie mentioned she knew some other ladies from church that want to learn to play guitar, but would love to learn from a female. Perfect!  We started up a group.  Buuuut I didn’t think I’d have enough room in my apartment to host the group, so I started looking around for spaces.

I noticed a recreation center about halfway between me and some of the ladies hosts guitar group lessons.  I contacted them but they didn’t have interest in hosting me.  Soooo I tried Hanahan Recreation Department.  They were ecstatic to have a new creative program to offer!  It turned out that there weren’t too many ladies to host them in my own home, but by the time we realized that, I was already plugged in and advertising the group!

My first 6-week group had a few kids and a senior.  It was a sweet challenge to help them go from no knowledge to playing their first song within our time together.  Meanwhile the friends I’ve been teaching in my home have been advancing at a rapid pace!  I’m so happy to empower these ladies to use their new gifts for God’s glory. (So proud of them!)

If you know someone who’d like to take lessons, send me an email at  I do Skype Lessons too!