New Resources to Guide your Heart and Life of Service

(This is my first of many posts in my “Surviving Service” series, which is meant to be a resource for YOU, on various topics relating to living a more purposeful, abundant, and fulfilling life. I want you to become an artist of the heart: interacting with and serving the world around you in ways that inspire hope and compassion, for others and for yourself.)

I wanted to share my new resources with you, which are based on Surviving Service: Effective Response to God’s Call for Justice.

21-Day Service Challenge
Take small daily challenges meant to help you become the loving servant God has called you to be. Are you up for the challenge?

How Should I Serve?
A questionnaire designed to clarify your purpose as a servant and guide your volunteering/giving. 

Feel free to share these resources!


With hope & compassion,

Stefanie, artist of the heart