Story behind I Choose

Forget what matters and dig for gold
Climb those ladders to take control
with no time left for you

I could
I could choose

But I choose you
I choose you
You’re worth it all

Why don’t I try to do it all
Out all night and please them all
with no time left for you

I will spend myself on you
You’re worth it all

If I’m honest, my family and I have gone through A LOT of difficult loss this past year… multiple kinds.  I’ve done quite a bit of praying and reflecting, and as a result God has reprioritized my life again to things that matter most… things like:

  • relationships and building connections with people
  • walking through hard stuff with other people
  • stopping to have conversations, and just listen
  • giving grace to people when they least deserve it
  • loving people for who they are, not how they’re acting in the moment
  • being honest and open
  • finding gratefulness and joy in the everyday
  • worshipping God through the storms

I had the idea for this song a couple years ago, but only the wisdom gained through this year could’ve written it — this final song written as a culmination of the message of my upcoming CD!

I was having a phone conversation with my close friend, when she brought up things we intentionally give up to have what God wants to bless us with.

  • Sometimes we give up hours working (and therefore income) so we can spend more time with our families.  Or sometimes we work more so we can give more financially to those in need.
  • Sometimes we give up an influential position so we can work on our physical, emotional, or spiritual health.  Or sometimes we walk through hard seasons because God has called us to that position to serve the Kingdom better.
  • Sometimes we give up meeting people’s expectations of serving or just hanging out because God has something different for us to use that time on.

No matter what, I want to consistently intentionally choose what’s better: God, important relationships, and what God has for me to do… rather than going with the cultural flow of seeking money, power, and/or social approval.

I also want my decisions on how I use my time, talents, and treasures to reflect that I’ve chosen what’s better: things that are not about “I” — what “I could” do, or what “I could choose” — but are about my relationship with God, my spouse, my family, etc.  I need to consciously choose to “spend myself” on what matters… otherwise my time, talents, and treasures will be wasted away on things that don’t.

When I get to the end of the day, and “I feel spent,” I want to say so with joy, knowing that I gave my entire being into worthy things that matter most.