Reminders through a Music Binder

Recently I went through years of music stuff to reorganize and consolidate a bit. As I went through this worship leading binder, I couldn’t help but reflect on God’s faithfulness.


This was a night God wanted me to see songs that I’ve led/sung through the years that have each brought my faith to the next level… at St Paul, Naz, Basileia, Cru, RWC, Honduras, Camp Cherith, Chili Pres, Dominican Republic, MSW fellowship, First Church in CT, Fellowship Church in TX, ARBC, Brookhaven, and now Awaken… the song styles have changed tremendously, but the spirit and truth has remained the same. This is why I keep these songs…

With each song, I see an unchanging God, faithful in every step. 

  • I remember connecting with God as a child when my Dad had us lead “Here I Am, Lord” in church.
  • When I see “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever,” I remember being taught what it was to truly be a worship leader at Basiliea.
  • I’m reminded of when my hubby first taught me a worship song (“Light the Fire”) as new friends at Cru, and how much I’ve loved ministering alongside him over the years.
  • “Your Love Never Fails” brings me back to my hubby, sis, and me first really connecting as worshippers, and how hubby and I got to lead this song at sis’s wedding.
  • I remember learning “Never Once” when we first moved to Texas, and how “never once did we ever walk alone;” God showed Himself so faithful in our Texas journey!
  • I’m reminded of stepping out in faith to move to Charleston after learning “Oceans,” and how God led us all the way (<my new song in the works!>).

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This is just a glimpse of my story of God’s faithfulness. 

I’ve come so far in my faith, worship, and worship leading. But sometimes I need these reminders of how far God has brought me. Today was one of those days. When I remember how the Lord led me all the way, hope builds in me again for the future. I do not have to prove myself to any person or push any timing. God made me to be a worship leader through the creative arts, and He is writing my story.

Are you allowing Him to write yours?