“Remember in December” series: Concert Window

Remember in December: finishing the year by looking back at some of my favorite concerts, through some never-before released videos.

Just released: Home — Online Show

It’s no secret that I’m an introvert… but I also have hypothyroidism, which means I have to be intentional about my use of energy, or else I’ll straight run out and sleep for 12 hours. 😛 (Ask my family!)

So when I found out there was a way to do a concert online, I knew I had met my match! There was no major gear set up, no strangers to talk to, no crowd noise to sing over… as a bonus, my friends and family across the states could finally see a show again! (I loved getting to play Legacy of Love for my Grandma again!)

We LOVED interacting with loved ones online from the comfort of Amanda’s dining room.  (Many of whom were super generous in their tips toward my recording fund… thanks again! CD coming soon!)

Some of my favorite moments were getting requests from people who actually know my songs (totally my love-language). I loved getting to share more of my heart behind the songs than I normally get to at gigs, with people who genuinely cared to listen. (Like I talk about in Heartbeat.) There’s a reason why I write what I do, so some of my favorite gigs are when the songs and lyrics are fully taken in by listeners.

We also got to share some songs we don’t get to play out a lot (like Little Ones and Amanda’s adoption song for her son), since we do a lot of Farmers markets and casual venues that call for more upbeat/uplifting songs.

Of course we had some fun with Amanda’s cat Gabe (as you saw in Home), just doing whatever he wanted, since we were in his space. X-D

So grateful for the technology to be able to share my music across the world. And grateful that when I do, you tune in to listen. I don’t take that privilege lightly.