“Remember in December” series: Senior Living

Remember in December: finishing the year by looking back at some of my favorite concerts, through some never-before released videos.

Just released: Legacy of Love – Senior Living

I always knew I had a soft spot in my heart for the elderly.  It may have come from the hours I spent as a teenager talking on the phone with my sweet Grandma Peter. Or the years when Grandpa Peter would dress up as Santa for the grandkids. Or the giggles we’ve share over Grandma Lemcke’s silly antics and Grandpa Lemcke’s unforgettable catch-phrases.

But that soft spot grew exponentially when I had the opportunity to get to know and serve some incredible people through my job at an assisted living and memory care facility.

Being totally transparent, I didn’t have to work outside of my music business during this time.

But God placed me there for a season, out of love for them and for me.

I will always treasure that time… and the time when I got to express my appreciation for them through the song I wrote for my own Grandparents, but so truly applied to them as well.

We had a blast that day! Out of love for them, I really wanted to give them a good show, so I pulled out all the stops. From meaningful original songs and stories, to well-known sing-a-long cover songs, we sang way past our scheduled time. Amanda even learned the glockenspiel for this gig! Even months later, some of the ladies continued to tell people about the time I tap-danced during my concert for them. (I loved getting to put that in there for them, since this is the generation that grew up appreciating the art of tapping!!) At the end of the event, ending in a quiet rendition of Amazing Grace was such a sacred moment shared among us.

This will remain one of my favorite concerts, because of the chance I got to express my love to some sweet elderly friends through my creative arts.

So grateful.